Palmerola International Airport Authorities Participate in the Most Important American Air Show in San Antonio, Texas, United States

Authorities in Palmerol International Airportto participate in the important airline development forum: American routes 22, looking for new and new connections that will allow the new terminal to develop its potential and offer better prices to passengers.

The event, which brings together the highest representatives of the American airlines, began on Tuesday San Antonio, Texas, United Stateswith a competition and a large agenda of directors' meetings Palmerola International Airport.

Over 14 meetings with airlines from Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, CanadaAmong other things, he is on the list of directors of the modern Honduran airport, which opened its doors to the world on December 11th.

Peter Fleming, Executive Chairman of the Airport Division of the Emco Grouphe said he continues to work hard to find new routes and airlines.

"It simply came to our notice then 14 scheduling applications for airlines who are very interested in knowing how the airport works and analyzing the possibilities of flying to and from Palmerola, ”said Fleming.

The executive explained that these fairs allow you to get closer to the airlines and start a process of analysis and negotiation.

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