IATA: Thanks to Palmerola, direct flights between Europe and central Honduras will finally become a reality

iata thanks to palmerola direct flights between europe and central honduras will finally become a reality

IATA: Thanks to Palmerola, direct flights between Europe and central Honduras will finally become a reality

Date 10-27-2022 01:12:39 | News

International Air Transport Association (IATA) they emphasized the importance of the central area of ​​Honduras having direct flights to Europe, which they only emphasize that it is possibly due to surgery from Palmerola International Airport.

Starting December 13the airline Iberojet will start flights between Madrid, Spain and Palmerolaonly with plane tickets $850 round tripwith two weekly frequencies, Wednesday and Saturday.

David Hernández, IATA Country Representative for Central America, Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela, said this before Palmerola flights to Europe in the central area of the country were unimaginable.

“A few years ago, imagine direct flights from Europe in Tegucigalpa it was unthinkable. Due to the vision of the project of a new airport in Palm, this is a reality today. The arrival of more operators strengthens air connectivity in Honduras and increases its socio-economic benefits brings aviation to the country", He commented.

Like this, the IATA representative pointed out that the new route that will allow Hondurans to travel non-stop Madrid, Spain and from that city to Palmerola.

The news of the transatlantic flights was announced at an event held last Wednesday in Tegucigalpa, during a launch attended by, among others, ambassadors, businessmen, representatives of banks, government authorities and travel agencies.

Peter Fleming, Air Connectivity Development Consultant to the Palmerola International Airport Board, He said he is capable of intercontinental flights a dream come true and brings a huge benefit to travelers.

"We are proud of this achievement and we are confident that travelers will take advantage of it this new way," he said.

flight emphasized that: “This achievement demonstrates commitment and vision The President of Grupo Emco, Lenir Pérez, so that Palmerola will allow the country's connectivity to increase and the price of plane tickets to decrease," he assures.

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