Paul Verhagen, CEO of Iberojet: "The flight from Palmerola to Madrid will cost only 850 dollars"

paul verhagen ceo of iberojet the flight from palmerola to madrid will cost only 850 dollars

Paul Verhagen, CEO of Iberojet: "The flight from Palmerola to Madrid will cost only 850 dollars"

Date 10-26-2022 22:59:59 | News

from next December 13 the central area of ​​Honduras will be connected to Europe as it will begin operations in the country of the airline Iberojetwho will have direct flights between Madrid, Spain and Palmerola International Airport.

At the launch event, held on October 19 in Tegucigalpa, Palmerola International Airport authorities and Iberojet broke the big news, revealing that travel will be in The A350 900 aircraft and what will be there two weekly flightsdays Wednesday and Saturday.

Paul Verhagen, CEO of Iberojet, stated feeling "happy and excited" from the new route that will leave from the Central area a from Honduras to Europe.

“We are now committed to having one promotion entry fee $850 round trip taxes included," he emphasized.

The executive added: “We share our hope that the airport must also open this new route we have that illusion as an airline, because that's what we exist for and even more so if it's in a fantastic destination like Hondurasin such an airport beautiful and so new like that of Palmerola. Palmerola motivated us to join Honduras with Madrid,” he said.

Verhagen, revealed that one of the reasons they made the decision operates in Palmerola it was an opportunity to "bring Hondurans to Spain and Spaniards to Palmerola and also to all the tourist destinations of this beautiful country."

"We started doing it talk to Palmerola earlier this year. Together we saw the numbers, the potential and it was impossible not to do so with the excellent reception from the airport authorities, already in less than we will be operational in two months".

In addition, he explained that travelers can take advantage of the prices, days and times of departure that Iberojet will take to Palmerola and finallyand fulfill the dream of knowing Spain and to visit his relatives whether in Honduras or in the European city.

“We will be flying two days a week (Wednesday and Saturday) from Palmerola around 20:00 arrive at noon in Madrid, that's why it's a good time to sleep on the plane, to arrive rested in Madrid. Return flight from Madrid will leave at 13:00 (Spain time) and will arrive in Honduras at 6:00 p.m., which is also a good time for those who may also have another connection,” he explained.

The end, CEO of Iberojet pointed out that the price of the plane ticket is cheap relative to their species and this will be an opportunity to do so family reunions, tourism and more.

"That's what we're here for, and not just to have a cheap flight, but to be a nice company like Iberojet, confident that it's been flying for years and has state-of-the-art aircraft and has excellent value for money".

In this way, Palmerola International Airport continues to fulfill its mission of providing more flight options to passengers along with prices accessible and uniques on the Honduran market.

In less than a year of activity and with Iberojet adPalmerola has already managed to bring three new airlines to the central area of ​​the country, greatly increasing air connectivity and reducing air ticket prices.

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