Spirit will begin overnight flights from Palmerola to Fort Lauderdale

Spirit will begin overnight flights from Palmerola to Fort Lauderdale

Spirit will begin overnight flights from Palmerola to Fort Lauderdale

Date 2022-09-21 12:16:14 | News

American Airlines under the Cost of Spirit Airlines night flights will start from from Palmerola International Airport to Fort Lauderdaleone of the airports with more connectivity in the United States.

This will be the second frequency you will have Palmerola spirit in Fort Lauderdale, as it currently has day flights and will now add night operations to that destination.

The Spirit Night Flights from Palmerola will start on next November 30but the tickets are already there sale on Spirit.com.

Lenir Pérez, president of Grupo Emco Holding, highlighted the growth The operations of the spirit at the new airport.

“We are grateful to Spirit Airlines who will be joining from next November 30 on night flights to Palmerola with a second frequency to Fort Lauderdale, increasing the connectivity of Palmerola and Honduras. Let's keep working and moving forward!" businessman.

Spirit Airlines was the first airline to fly from Palmerola International Airport and is the first low-cost airline to fly to central Honduras.

Mauricio Acosta, General Manager of Spirit Airlines in Honduras, reported that the flight would arrive from Fort Lauderdale to Palmerola at 01:30 and depart at 02:30.

“This additional flight provides Tegucigalpa region another convenient option for our guests who want to enjoy Honduran culture and for those who want to visit friends and family", said the executive.

Peter Fleming, representative of Palmerola International Airport, explained that the Spirit would bring for her connecting an A-320 aircraft with a capacity of 182 passengers.

"Palm continues to grow in connectivity, offering more options for our passengers. This shows the confidence that the airlines have in the operations we carry out", Fleming said.

From youReizel Vilorio, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Tourism, highlighted the growth generated by the country's new air terminal.

"Palmerola ended up generating an important connectivity and to ensure security operationally boosted tourism in the country," said Vilorio.

The new and modern air terminal hasand nearly 40,000 square meters and since the first six months of operation, the number of air traffic in central Honduras has increased significantly.

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