Palmerola and UNAH sign a collaboration agreement

Palmerola and UNAH sign a collaboration agreement

Palmerola and UNAH sign a collaboration agreement

Date 2022-08-24 17:39:30 | News

Palmerola International Airport, Operator of Palmerola International Airportsigned an agreement collaborative framework with National Autonomous University of Honduras (Unah) to promote social and economic development favor and promote improving higher education.

"This agreement shows that Palmerola's commitment because you have always contributed to Honduras. I am convinced that education is the pillar of everyone's growth and development Country and Air Force it is a specialized sector in which trained people are needed the highest level and that is why we want to contribute to the country with high-level professionals," he said Peter Fleming, Director of the Airports Executive Division of the EMCO Group during the agreement signing event, which took place at the units from AN H.

In turn, Francisco Herrera, rector of UNAHhe pointed out advantage that students can be trained airport with technology the last generation. "palm it is already an airport with a much more advanced technology and our students need a much deeper trainingso it will be an excellent complementary relationship and so young people can do it perform and stand out not only in Honduras, but also in other countries", he assured.

With this agreement, that Palmerola signed with UNAH, through Faculty of Space Sciences (Faces) and its Department of Aeronautical Sciences (DCA)efforts will be associated in the academy, research and links with the company and it will be allowed to subscribe to additional specific instruments through which joint development activities can be carried out.

Thanks to this agreement, UNAH students will be able to do so they have the advantage of learning with the advantage of facilitating facilities physical or specific equipment for carrying out educational activities in this sector.

Also Palmerola will facilitate that i can develop professional internships and complementary activities for graduates of aeronautical competitions.

Among the activities that will take place are: program design and development academics a technical, postgraduate or post-graduate level from UNAHthus providing training options.

They will take too joint design and development of the projects of research and training in areas of common interest aeronautical sector, thus providing a scientific basis for solving problems and training options.

In addition, the joint development of inter-company bridging projects can be achieved, among other things.

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