Palmerola begins night operations with the Avianca flight

palmerola begins night operations with the avianca flight

Palmerola begins night operations with the Avianca flight

Date 2022-06-02 18:53:17 | News

Palmerola International Airport began its historic operation last night with the arrival of an Avianca flight from El Salvador.

The plane, an Airbus 320, landed at the new terminal at 22:30 and departed with the passengers at 5:30.

The airport firefighters greeted the traditional rainbow and the whole team greeted them with applause.

After the hard work of Palmerola International Airport, the airport operator, together with various government institutions responsible for airport operations such as Customs, Immigration, Airport Security Division (DSA) and Border Police, the airport is officially operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as announced the previous month, which represents an increase in passenger flow and more frequencies by airlines.

Due to this type of operation, Avianca announced that it will have nine additional flights starting this month, which will increase the connectivity of the Central area of ​​the country with South America and Europe.

David Garay, the captain of Avianca's night flight, highlighted the airport's runway conditions and its modern lighting system that made landing easier.

"The runway is in good condition. There have been no major failures in this area to prevent the successful landing we had," he said.

Upon arrival, the passengers expressed their satisfaction with the overnight operation and described this new service offered by Palmerola as "a big step" for air travel.

"It was very helpful that Palmerola operates at night and we enjoyed the experience of traveling. For us, as a family and as workers, it is a great advantage that we have not had so far in the center of Honduras ", said Jean Carlo Espinoza. one of the first passengers. to get to the airport with a night flight.

Airport authorities reported that the entire lighting system for night operations was installed in December last year, and certification was obtained in January for this quality service to become a reality.

Peter Fleming, executive chairman of the Emco Group's Airports Division, emphasized the importance of launching 24/7 flights to Palmerola for connectivity and services, but also for the generation of jobs that continue to be created.

"Our passengers are our main asset and that's why we try to offer them such services with 24/7 operation. We open a night flight bank and this is historical news, because this is one of the objectives of Palmerola. Soon more airlines will arrive that will operate at low cost at night as well, ”Fleming explained.

Palmerola International Airport started on December 11 last year and in less than six months of operation has already added two new international airlines, managed to increase passenger traffic in central Honduras by 46% and offers security guarantees. travelers.

Palmerola currently has an average of 18 operations per day, in addition to those that will be added overnight.

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