Palmerola International Airport will build a new Military Aviation Academy

Palmerola International Airport will build a new Military Aviation Academy

Palmerola International Airport will build a new Military Aviation Academy

Date 07-18-2022 17:28:40 | News

Company Palmerola International Airport will build new Air Captain Military Academy facilities Roberto Raúl Barahona Lagos, was announced at an event held at Jose Enrique Soto Cano Air Baselocated in Comayagua.

The project is preliminarily evaluated more 91 million swipeswhich will be fully invested by the company as part of fulfilling the commitment Palmerola International Airport with the Military Aviation Academy.

At the event where Foundation stone starting with The construction process attended: José Manuel Zelaya Rosales The Secretary of State at the Office of National Defense and representatives of the command council: Vice Admiral Jose Jorge Fortin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Major General José Ramón Macoto, Deputy Chief of Staff; Brigadier General Omar Adalid Videa, Inspector General of the Armed Forces; Infantry Colonel Dennis Rolando McCoy, Army Commanding General; DEMA Air Force Colonel Francisco Javier Serrano, Commander-in-Chief of the Honduran Air Force; Corps Captain General Pablo Antonio Rodríguez, Commander-in-Chief of the Honduran Naval Force; Lenir PerezPresident of the Emco Holding group; Peter Fleming, CEO Palmerola; Olga Perdomo, by the way the authority of the Office of the Mayor of Villa de San Antonio.

Lenir Peréz, president of Grupo Emco, which includes Palmerola International Airportannounced that modern facilities will be built to provide students with better conditions for their professional training.

"Promises must be kept and we are taking that step to carry out this important work, which will be of great benefit to the youth of Honduras who dreams of being part of it Military Aviation Academy. We have given instructions to create a first-class infrastructure so that the graduates have a level of knowledge with the highest international standards," said the president em group

In turn, J.Osé Manuel Zelaya, Secretary of State at the Office of National Defense, He emphasized the effort made by Emco and the Armed Forces to reach an agreement of great benefit to future Honduran military pilots.

"We appreciate everyone who is here, the Armed Forces and Grupo Emco. I am proud of what can be achieved in a short time by providing better facilities Honduran Air Force", he stated.

His construction Military Aviation Academy It will start in the next few days.

"I reiterated mine thank you Grupo Emco for the commitment to build a project of first level which will benefit many young Hondurans. This is a huge progress, the country wins here, Honduras wins,” he said. Vice Admiral José Jorge Fortín Aguilar, Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In turn, Peter Fleming, Managing Director of Palmerola, He explained that the new building will have an administrative building that will have a value of 23 million swipesa cadet room that will cost 13.6 million swipes, kitchen and living room worth 8.7 million.

I also know they will build bedrooms for male cadets whose value is around 25.6 million swipes, female cadet dormitories for 6.1 million swipes, dormitories for cooks for a million lempirs, a library for 4.6 million, a barber for 539,831 lempires and a cafeteria whose cost exceeds 2.2 million.

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