Palmerola makes a second payment to Inprema; payments already amount to 77.6 million pounds

Palmerola makes a second payment to Inprema;  payments already amount to 77.6 million pounds

Palmerola makes a second payment to Inprema; payments already amount to 77.6 million pounds

Date 2022-08-01 16:26:10 | News

Palmerola International Airport made the second payment expected more than 38 million pounds (38,801,892.50 million lei) to The National Institute for the Protection of Teachers (Inprema), corresponding to the payment of the loan granted by the institution.

the authority of palm they met with commissioners of Inprema to inform you that this second payment has been made which, like the first, was made in advance form.

The crediting documentation of the second millionaire transfer was handed over to the President of the Republic Special Commission for Transition and Normalization of Inprema, Héctor Díaz and his legal and administrative team. This payment corresponds to the interest payment.

With them the first two payments Palmerola moved this year 77,589,260 million lei to Inprema only with the payment of interest, which represents a large profit for the institution.

Again this year Palmerola will make an additional payment to Inprema, which means that the institution will receive from the company a total of 116.4 million lei.

Compared to the income you had before Before, this year will receive 74 million pounds more than he previously earned for that money, which he had in the banking system, as he only received approx 42 million swipes.

The sudden increase is due to the fact that with the contract with palm the interest rate increased from From 2 to 7% for the benefit of Inprema.

Starting next year and the following years, the institute's income will increase even more, as Palmerola will achieve in total four payments, whence and the amount which Inprema will increase to 155.1 million lei annual.

Peter Fleming, Managing Director of Palmerola International Airport, highlighted the level of compliance that the company has demonstrated.

“Like I always said. We are a solid, strong and transparent company. Teachers can see big profit which derived from the concession thanks to Palmerolasince they have gone from having returns from 2% to 7% and this represents a very strong increase in the income of the institute", said the executive.

Erick Spears, legal representative of Palmerola, He said the company has always demonstrated total commitment and demonstrated it by making advance payments. “With this second Paid in advance it proves itself again the seriousness and transparency with which we work. Every payment we make will be made public, because we always act transparently."

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