Avianca announces nine more operations in Palmerola, which will increase connectivity with South America and Europe

avianca announces nine more operations in palmerola which will increase connectivity with south america and europe

Avianca announces nine more operations in Palmerola, which will increase connectivity with South America and Europe

Date 31-05-2022 10:11:22 | News

Palmerola International Airport it continues to increase the number of operations it performs on a daily basis and to increase connectivity Central Honduras.

After his release palm tree 24/7, Avianca has announced that it will have nine additional flights starting in June, which will increase connectivity in the area The center of the country with South America and Europe.

The flights of Weather in Avianca they will be received at night and will allow passengers to have more connection options.

"We are conducting nine additional transactions with Avianca for June. This is very important because it will help us to improve our connectivityin South America and Europe, the United States, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico ”, Marlon Amador, executive director at Avianca la Hwaves.

The executive informed that the tickets are now available for night flights and can be purchased on the platform and on the various distribution channels.

night operation

"This is good news for Palmerola International Airport, we finally have all the government agencies, decentralized institutions and airlines, among others, ready to start night operations, bringing the airport back into operation 24 hours a day," he said. Peter Fleming, Executive Chairman of the Airport Division of the Emco Group.

The executive pointed out that since December of the previous year, the airport has had the entire state-of-the-art lighting system to operate 24/7.

"The whole lighting system for operation at night was installed in December last year, and in January we obtained the certification. However, changes and coordination had to be made to Customs, Immigration, Border Police, among other entities that make possible the operation of the terminal, and today we are ready to receive the flight on June 1. A very important milestone for the country ", he explained.

He added that by July they will have two planes overnight on the Palmerola platform and hopes to continue to add more frequencies, as the influx of passengers is excellent in Palmerola, which has already increased the number of air passengers by 40. % in the area Central Honduras.

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