Palmerola air security operations open in November

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Procedures for passengers and air cargo for central Honduras will be separated from November 15, when the first inaugural flight of this new international runway is scheduled.

However, tomorrow the customs authorities and the directors of the dealers will present the facilities, personnel and technical equipment of the new air guard or number five at national level.

At Palmerola, "we will only start with custody, which is that service of the passenger regime by virtue of the fact that the land customs is still under construction," explained the national manager of technical management and customs legislation, Alejandro Ayala.

The new entry and exit point for travelers was created by the National Congress at the end of September and is just waiting to be published in La Gaceta. International flights will go to Palmerola, while customs will continue to operate in Toncontín.

As both processes are separate, in order for packages to be nationalized, passengers will have to make an internal transfer at their own expense between the Comayagua Valley, the capital and vice versa.

The runway of the capital was closed on October 15, but the opening of Palmerola has been postponed and is still awaiting certification by the national and international airport authority.

In the new custody, officials will apply the obligations of the current tax regimes such as: customs operations, passenger regime. The customs office of goods is expected to be ready in the first half of 2022, but the finances must make the appropriate budget allocation.

Ayala commented that "the opening of the Palmerola customs, given its position, will strengthen the operations of the other customs points". The creation decree stipulates that all immigration and foreign trade operations will be carried out at Palmerola customs under the various authorized regimes, he said.

Similarly, a temporary warehouse for the provision of services to various users will be set up, which must be duly authorized by the Honduran Customs Administration.

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