Honduras completes opening of Palmerola Airport by Munich operator

Honduras completes opening of Palmerola Airport by Munich operator

The Honduran government is refining to open the airport next October International from Palmerola, in the province of Comayagua, hand in hand with the operator of Munich Airport in Germany, which will have a concession for the new terminal in Honduras.

By Alberto Lopez

Conformable chairman from Honduras, John Orlando Hernandez, cWith the operation of Palmerola International Airport, from from October nextHonduras will be on the world map after your visitRecently, at Munich airport

"To have Munich Airport as a partner of Palmerola means to have, as they say, an older brother of the major world leagues that supports the Honduran aviation industry.", She said Hernandez, During his recent visit to Monk, to Northeast Germany, at the end of the first day of his tour of Europe and the Middle East.

The governor's agenda began in the so-called Airport City, with a tour of Munich International Airport, and ended with a meeting with representatives of the company that manages this model of successful economic zone, promoted in collaboration with Honduran Emco Investimenti, licensed by APalmerola Airport.

The meeting discussed the progress of the project, of which this entrepreneurial group is a partner, the future, but also the news about the Munich airport and its concept of the city.

Munich International Airport CEO Ralf Gaffal, and Business Development Vice President Lorenzo Di Loreto, Directors what the I am also Palmerola airport operators in Comayagua have expressed their commitment that the new Honduran airport is the first in the world with the latest technologies.

"This is an airport city, which is not just the take-off and landing of aircraft and the movement of passengers and cargo, but an entire city, it is the way people provide services to the airport and that has a positive effect on jobs. with a lot of income and I imagine in Palmerola all those who produce food, sell food to the airline for passengers, but also hotels, restaurants ", said the president of Honduras.

For Hernandez, the success of this platform is an example for Honduras. He said that this is a whole city that started as a private company, with public capital from the federal, regional and local governments and “this is now proving to have an extraordinary impact on the whole area of ​​Munich and its surroundings.", to express.

"This is one of the airportsS. the most complete in the world; we see that for Palmerola, for Honduras, this will be a common vision and will put Honduras on the world map", manifested.

Hernández said that it is interesting to see how the construction of what would be a kind of laboratory for innovation companies with the University of Munich is completed.

“This means that the innovation industry, in part of what we call the orange economy, is also taking place here; So that's it, he said.

In this regard, the President confirmed that "that is why it is good to see other examples in the world and not to be obsessed with what we have always done because, as Albert Einstein said, if we continue to do the same, we will end up we have. same results. We need to open our minds. ”

"Remember when I told you about the Honduras Logistics Center for the Americas? This is part of what was announced a few years ago, "said the Honduran president.

the chancellor of HondurasLisandro Rosales, She said that it was important for President Hernández to know what the concept of an airport city is, to see what Honduras might look like in the coming years.

"Palmerola has a strategic position, not only for Honduras, but also for Central America, and a concept like the one we have here, Airport City, is what all Hondurans should dream of." added.

rose bushes recalled Only him APalmerola Airport is the beginning, but there are many opportunities for expansion, which is why he stressed that "this is what we need to exploit with a clear vision of the future and development to create jobs."

On the other hand, he stated that the new airport in Honduras aims to grow, to be a logistical, strategic and business concept, as seen in Munich, emphasizing that this is a place where tourists and men from all corners. the world can reach. having enough space for business, exchange and work.


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