Palmerola Airport in Honduras

palmerola airport in honduras

When traveling to another country, people usually focus only on the places that they will be able to visit once they arrive there and leave the airport. However, wonderful things can be found within the same airports that are worth analyzing. Today, in particular, we will talk to you about a very important airport in Latin America, the Palmerola International Airport, in Honduras.

  1. Background
  2. Inauguration
  3. Facilities
  4. Future expansions
  5. Destinations and airlines
  6. Services
  7. Military base
  8. Opinion of the people about the airport. 
  9. Is it a good experience to go through this place?


Before the inauguration of this airport, to travel to Honduras, or from Honduras to any other country, you would most likely have to go through the Toncontín International Airport. However, although this also has good facilities, it is located in a somewhat unsafe area, where, due to the mountainous terrain, landings can be difficult. This airport brought the solution to this problem.

Thus, to avoid all these inconveniences, the operations of the aforementioned airport were transferred to the Palmerola Airport in Honduras (also known as the Comayagua International Airport). Once inaugurated, the Toncontín Airport was only for national trips, of small planes. 


This beautiful airport was officially inaugurated in 2021, specifically in the month of October. However, the first official commercial flight the airport witnessed occurred a few months later, in December. This flight (Spirit Airlines NK 1334) was coming from the United States, particularly from Houston, and its arrival was much celebrated and commemorated. 

From that date to the present, this airport has witnessed many other flights, all of which have been successful. Likewise, it has received many passengers who have been very happy to be in this place, as it has very modern facilities that we will talk about below. 


One of the most impressive things about this airport is its facilities, since they are very modern and innovative, offering you the latest generation of technology. Some of the novelties that this airport has with respect to others are the security teams in the immigration area, the flight procedures that are based on GPS technology and special systems designed for navigation. 

Future expansions

Although this airport in the conditions it is in already has many remarkable things, even so, the authorities and those responsible for this project have in mind to make expansions in some spaces so that the experience is even better. One of the most anticipated expansions are the boarding bridges, which are expected to be 13 (compared to the 4 it currently has). 

Destinations and airlines

Currently there are 6 airlines that provide service at this airport, although it is expected that in the future these will increase considerably in the very near future. These airlines are Spirit, United Airlines, American Airlines, Avianca, Copa Airlines and Aeromexico

All these renowned airlines have different destinations, among which are Mexico, the United States, Panama and Spain, so if you live in any of these countries, you can get to this airport and get to know its beautiful facilities. In addition to this, many flights with national airlines within the same country are also made from this airport.   


Inside the airport you will find two very interesting services that have been implemented specifically to provide the user with a much more pleasant and comfortable experience when passing through the airport. These services are the bus line and car rental. 

As for the bus line, the service offered by the airline (which, by the way, is free) is called Palmerola Connect and it will be very useful for transporting you from the Comayagua International Airport and the Toncontín International Airport in Tegucigalpa. If, instead, you prefer to rent a car, you can do it with of the numerous companies dedicated to offering this service, which you will find there.

Military base

In addition to being intended for commercial use, by ordinary users, this beautiful airport also serves as a military air base. Not only do Honduran planes operate there, but also some American ones, in a cooperation between both countries, which has served to improve their relations. 

Although many outside of Honduras do not know it, this military base already It had been on this site since the 1980s, so the airport as we know it today was built in the same area many years later. 

Opinion of the people about the airport. 

Thanks, mainly to the pandemic and to the fact that this airport has been inaugurated very recently, there have not been many opinions about this place, by the common citizen. However, among the people who have traveled using this airport, the general opinion is quite positive and encouraging.

However, as mentioned in previous paragraphs, there are still some renovations and expansions that the authorities plan to apply to this place so that the experience of any user is as suitable as possible. This will undoubtedly make people's opinion of him (which is already very good) improve enormously.

Is it a good experience to go through this place?

Firmly based on everything that was mentioned above, it could be said that it is a very pleasant and pleasant experience to be able to spend time in this airport, for that reason it is important to know how to appreciate the details of each structure and each service, since, if not you give it enough relevance, you could miss analyzing these things that, without a doubt, are incredible. 

Would you like to visit this site? We can assure you that it is a very good option to visit it and pay attention to the details that we have mentioned if at any time you decide to go to Honduras. As said before, don't go just passing through!, because it is ideal that you experience first-hand everything that we have told you in this review, so that you can form your own opinion. 
We hope you have found this article very interesting; If you are interested in investigating more about these topics, we invite you to continue browsing our page, because here you will find information of the highest quality, with which you can expand your knowledge and satisfy your curiosity.

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