Palmerola will boost tourism and the country's economy, businessmen agree

Palmerola will boost tourism and the country's economy, businessmen agree

Palmerola will boost tourism and the country's economy, businessmen agree

Date 18-10-2021 16:48:16 | News

The President of the Comayagua Section of the National Tourism Chamber of Honduras (Canaturh), Evelyn Perdomo, considered that the modern Palmerola International Airport, in the Comayagua Valley, will generate a great boost for the national tourism industry.

The official presentation of Palmerola International Airport will take place on Friday, October 15, for which Comaturagua Chief Canaturh said: “We are delighted; It seems to me that it is a lie, but now we see that it is a reality ".

Perdomo said this week "I have met with the 12 mayors (of the area) and we will make a union to consolidate through tourism, to be able to develop these municipalities that are around Palmerola".

The source said that the new airport is improving the old capital of Honduras and "we will turn all these cities into a single destination and we are working on this, to strengthen tourism".

Regional President Canaturh expressed that there is a climate of optimism and excitement in Comayagua “because we are only talking about being able to land in Palmerola, even on domestic flights; for example, people in the south are super happy and we already want to see the airport working. ”

Perdomo, also chairman of the Comayagua Development Center (CDC), said that at the tourist and commercial level, the airport will have a big impact "because there are many commercial activities and the added value is growing strongly due to the Palmerola effect".

Perdomo assured that "Palmerola will be the return of Comayagua's image" and added; "My message is that we should be proud to have this modern airport and we should take it without jealousy. We must take pride in developing our country. "

satisfied and optimistic

For his part, the President of the Comayagua Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Nieves Jesús Martínez, stressed that Palmerola will provide much development to the region and the country and will stimulate the economy at the national level.

"As business people, we are very happy to welcome this initiative from Palmerola Airport and we are ready to offer our full support because we have seen how we have been supported by highways, ports and airports," said Martínez.

He stressed that Palmerola Airport is a major project and "will undoubtedly boost the country's economy."

"As investors, we are very pleased with the work that President Hernández has done in the country," Martínez added.

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