Fenaduanah highlights the modernity of the Palmerola cargo terminal

Fenaduanah highlights the modernity of the Palmerola cargo terminal

Fenaduanah highlights the modernity of the Palmerola cargo terminal

Date 2022-08-25 15:39:10 | News

representatives of various affiliated agencies National Federation of Customs Agents of Honduras (Fenaduanah) they shot at cargo terminal at Palmerola International Airport where he could know the spaces of storage and state-of-the-art equipment to be used for cargo handling.

customs agents he pointed out innovative processes and modern structures which will soon be operational.

Palmerola Cargo Terminal it will be the only one in the country to have three quarters cold, with different temperatures; x-ray machines suitably certified and with dimensions of high capacity pellet load revision, among others.

With the entry into operation a new terminal It is planned to simplify the procedures for export and import of goods and reduce delivery times shipping and customs clearance; and therefore avoid Honduran goods originating from the south-central area having to travel long distances, as it is currently sent from El Salvador.

Representatives of over 50 agencies the customs that were present, ensured that with terminal palmarella will have the opportunity to make more documents, companies will improve theirs come and turn on a fan of opportunity for revive the national economy.

"We want transparency and efficiency in operationsbut with a good team we will achieve the best for the development of our Honduras, we know it with effort everything will be done in this modern terminal," he said Wifida Sandoval, President of Fedaduanah.

Another representative of the customs agencies pointed out that “it is a lot more feasible to do your operations from this terminal" why distances save costs and warranty the best condition of your products

"In case ours, we export tobacco and cigars, and it is of vital importance quick handling of our product a guarantee its quality. This product is exported to various parts of the world and for us it is vital to open this terminal at Palmerola to improve quality and increase exports,” he said Claudia Pineda, representative of the customs agency Pineda y Compañía.

In turn, Peter Flemingexecutive chairman of the airports division of the Emco group, reminded customs officials of the impact the terminal will havewhich will be administered by Adimex, will generate more exports and more opportunities for employment, favoring the growth of the national economy.

"IT IS part of our DNAbeing able to present to our clients the structures in which we will work together and listen to your needs as well and asks to be able to satisfy them as little as possible time possible and to the highest standards quality, which is why it is important to have customs agents in this terminal," he explained.

safety and experience

Ronnie LeSage, CEO of Adimex, He said one of the big strengths the new terminal will offer to customs agents will be cargo safety and for this reason invested in technology necessary to ensure it.

"I was working hard to ensure that the customers load is safe and there are no accidents of loss due to poor management. We will have maximum security," he emphasized.

Besides, he did focus on streamlining of the processes for which it was requested customs agents.

"Thanks to the experience we have in operation terminals, I worked in a good distribution the 3,000 square meters of the terminal to speed up the processes and now they will have the customs office one step further, the banks where to make payments another step and one step further will be Adimex to assist them in all processes," explained LeSage.

The new cargo terminal, whose investment is about 4 million dollars, will have a storage area of 3,000 sq m and 10,000 sq m of land only in its first phase.

Also will have five Rapiscan x-ray machines (dual vision) have lawsuits fast and safe. In addition to the scales precision, cold chain for imports and exports.

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